Styling Guide

While my sessions are wholly focused on capturing the emotion and connection between you and the people you love, styling your session sets the foundation for gorgeous photographs and enhances, rather than distracts from, that connection. Outfits that complement each other, your personalities and the vibe of session you're going for, will make the world of difference.

This family approached me with a vision for a boho styled family picnic session. It was absolutely magic.

There are a few important things to consider.

The phrase 'complement each other' refers to outfits that go well together and enhances everyone else's outfits, without 'matching'. Everyone in matching white t-shirts and jeans fails to capture the personalities and dynamic of your family. A range of complementing colours, patterns and textures is the most effective way to personalise your photographs and to enhance the feel of your gallery overall. The best way to achieve this is to choose a colour palette, and from there, experiment with patterns and textures and accessories that suit each family member.

Hats. Lace. Buttons. Messy rips in denim jeans. The texture of linen. All of these things subtly add an extra dimension to your photographs.

Woven hats and little details like tassels, buttons, and lace add beautiful textures.

An example of mixing patterns effectively. This session had a bright, earthy, old fashioned vibe, which suited these four darlings to a tee.

Neutral colours, earthy colours... how do you choose?

For my family clients, the easiest way to settle on a colour palette is to choose mum's outfit first (usually a dress they've fallen in love with) and from there, choose the remaining outfits using colour as the primary guide. Don't be afraid to mix up the styles of women's and girls' outfits; mixing dresses, jumpsuits and skirts in complementing colours, patterns and textures always looks gorgeous. Hats also add an extra element to photographs. And for baby and toddler girls wearing dresses, please ensure you have a nappy cover underneath their dress.

Here I'll note that my favourite option for women are long, flowing dresses, especially for mothers and expectant mothers. I use movement in almost all of my prompts, and the way a long, flowing dress can been frozen mid-movement has often made for my favourite photographs.

Loose sunlit hair with flowing dresses, skirts and a mix-match of complementing colours was perfect for this fun beachy family.

It is also worth noting a few things to avoid. This includes anything that could create a distraction from the emotion and connection that I aim for in my photographs. Neon colours, clashing colours or heavily branded clothing are examples of no-go's, and it's simply because I want my eyes to lock on YOU and your loved ones the moment I see your photograph, not any of these other things.

This extended family chose from cool, earthy and neutral palettes, teaming them all together through a mix of styles and patterns and ensuring nothing clashed.

I have included a range of beautifully styled photographs in this guide to inspire you. You are also very welcome to send through your ideas for my thoughts, if you are struggling to piece it all together. Or, if you're struggling to find that key piece you love from which to base everyone else's outfits from, I am slowly growing my own collection of beautiful pieces to form a client wardrobe from which you are welcome to borrow.

If I can offer any extra guidance, or you would like to style your session with other stunning pieces like rugs, throws, or dried flowers, please, get in touch!