I am so stoked you're ready to invest in professional photography with me! And let me tell you, it will be an incredible experience. But first, let me dive a little deeper into my style of photography, so you know exactly who you're booking.

I'm wildly creative. I thrive on capturing raw moments and connectedness and I do this using meaningful or silly prompts to evoke emotion. So, I will ask you to dance with your little ones or tickle their toes. I will ask your new husband to swing you through the air laughing so your wedding dress flies untamed around the two of you. I loveeee documenting details. The sun flare through the flowers in your wedding bouquet as you dance with your love. Your baby's wisps of newborn hair at seven days old. I am allllll about telling your story and doing it in a way that is natural and authentic to the season you're in. This is how I serve you.

And, speaking of serving: I am in this with you, ALL the way. Whether that be helping you style your family session or talking through a dilemma in your timeline and how we're going to solve it in the lead up to your wedding day.

Still with me? YES! I am SO excited to work with you!

My wedding collection begins at $1,800.

My lifestyle collection (maternity, newborn and family) begins at $400.

Send me a message via Facebook or Instagram for your VIP password. Let's go!