Luke, Johanna and their gorgeous girls Evie and Daisy drove all the way out to Bucca to meet me for a wintery country family session, and I captured exactly what I love capturing: raw, happy emotion. I drove away from this session knowing that I was going to absolutely adore every photograph, and I do! 

When Johanna first booked our session, she mentioned she loved how natural my images always are. This is my style, and this is the purpose of my family photography, to deliver a gallery full of candid moments and natural smiles. There is one important concept I'd love to talk about here where parents can help me achieve this, and it's this: enjoy yourselves. I could see Luke and Johanna enjoying themselves with their daughters, and so our session ran smoothly and beautifully. Even when the girls got hungry and we stopped for snacks, or when they didn't follow my gentle prompts and I stood back to let them be themselves, Luke and Johanna went with the flow and enjoyed the process, and it shows through beautiful, natural photographs. When parents get stressed thinking their children aren't behaving, sessions tend to spiral downwards. Fun fact: I love it when your child doesn't look at the camera! While there's definitely a place for looking-at-the-camera photographs in my galleries, the majority of my images are wonderfully candid. This is me, and the reason you've booked me. I want to capture your kids just doing their thing, and being themselves. And when parents are having fun, children are having fun!

During this gorgeous family session we played games, dodged prickles and laughed, a lot. We listened to music, stopped for snacks multiple times and explored our surroundings. Luke and Johanna enjoyed themselves creating beautiful memories with Evie and Daisy, and it shows!