This gorgeous couple were naturals in front of the camera, which is funny because Sarah thought they would look so awkward! Um, you guys do not need to worry. At all. If anything, I was worried people would think I'd photoshopped Sarah's skin, it was that perfect (which isn't me at all!)

During our first discussion about location, Sarah told me they loved the forest look. I often go location scouting with my babies - to my three year old, they are adventures or bear hunts - and I had come across two spots that I thought would look magical. I described the first spot as lush and green, but when it came to the second, the best I could come up with was 'dead with white grass'. I have no idea what Sarah actually expected, but she trusted me enough to go with it. And as beautiful as it looked in my head when I envisioned it, Sarah and Hayden in the moment, with the setting sun and that smokin' red dress... I actually squealed out loud seeing it all come together through my lens.

These guys get married in March 2020 and, if this is their engagement session, I cannot even imagine how amazing their wedding day is going to be.