In-home sessions, outdoor sessions and a travelling studio!

This beautiful little boy was 17 days old when his parents welcomed me into their home to document this incredible new season of their lives. I adore everything about their session - the colour palette Zach and Eloise chose, their fur babies, their home, THEM. Everything just came together so beautifully to create an absolutely gorgeous family gallery.

I wanted to offer a little insight into my newborn sessions, for they're a little different to most studio photography sessions. I am a lifestyle photographer, so the majority of photographs I take are beautifully candid. For newborn sessions, this means a whole lot of you just loving on your baby. I will give you gentle prompts such as to snuggle into your baby, or to sing to your baby, and I simply stand back and capture the love and the emotion. And, rather than capturing all this in a studio setting, we capture it either in your home, or outdoors. I love in-home sessions, because they subtly preserve the details of your home in this new season of your life. I smile imagining your little one all grown up and looking at these photographs years down the track and thinking, 'I remember that couch', or 'that was my favourite teddy', or 'we would play for hours in that teepee!' It doesn't matter whether your nursery looks like it's out of a magazine or the bassinet is tucked somewhere between your bed and Mt Washmore; your baby is going to one day cherish these details. I usually photograph in the nursery, main bedroom and lounge room, as all of these spaces make for cosy, cuddly photographs. The sky is the limit though - if you have a rocking chair on the veranda, or a cubby house your babe will grow into, I want to photograph it. For Zach and Eloise, their lounge room and Val's nursery were the spaces we used, along with a gorgeous sun room where Zach played guitar for his little family! Swoon!

For newborn sessions where photographing your home isn't possible, or if you simply prefer the outdoors, I also offer outdoor sessions. Both types of sessions, while primarily lifestyle, include a small posed portion. This is where my travelling studio comes into play, with an array of beautiful quality props, quilts, wraps and layers! As you can see from Val's sweet gallery, the lifestyle and posed portions blend beautifully.

Both indoor and outdoor sessions present their own set of challenges. For indoors, lighting is the primary challenge. For outdoors, it's the weather. When booking a newborn session, I love to chat in depth with my clients about their preferred session type. Prior to me meeting baby Val, Eloise sent through photos of their lovely home so I knew what to expect, and the result, as you can see, is divine.

And, Valentine - what a chilled out little dude! We flew through the entire session effortlessly because he was just so happy and content to snuggle in his mumma's arms, stare into his dad's eyes or sleep peacefully wrapped up while we all ooohed and ahhhed over him! I will never tire of documenting these tiny humans!